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IEI Remote Management

Windows Devices

If a Windows device is selected in Step 3 of Section 2.4, you will be prompted to download IRMAgent for Windows. Click "Download" next to "Download Windows IRMAgent" to download the installation package.

Step 1:

Users can select the appropriate IRMAgent installation package.

Step 2:

Copy the installation package to the device to be managed.

Step 3:

Unzip the installer, right click on the installer and select "Run as administrator".

Step 4:

Click "Yes" to allow the installer to make changes to your device.

Step 5:

Click "Next".

Step 6:

Choose the IP address and click "Next".

Step 7:

Enter the Username and Password of IRM.

Step 8:

If 2-step Verification is enabled then you must enter the security code.

Step 9:

The IRMAgentService will be installed.

Step 10:

Click "Finish" and you will see the installation status in the device list.