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IEI Remote Management

License Activation

To use the features of IRM, you need to buy a license from IEI sales or QNAP Software Store, and activate the license. The process of license activation includes the following key steps that should be taken:

  • Apply your QNAP ID
  • Sign in the IRM mini server with your QNAP ID, and set up the myQNAPcloud service
  • Active your license through License Center or License Manager by using product key bundled with your QID
  • Check your IRM license in IRM’s About page

IRM only accepts licenses that are valid and active. IEI advises users to activate their licenses from the license center using a product key bundled with your QID. The product key provided by IEI is not bundle with the QID and requires the setup of the QID in the IRM Mini Server before activation.

Activation of an IRM license can be done using either a product key or a license key. The product key is obtained through IEI’s sales channel, while the license key is from the QNAP Software Store. When end users purchase a license key from the QNAP Software Store, it will be bundled with their QID. However, the product key will not be bundled with any QID during the purchase stage. Both the product key and the license key will be finally bundled with the end user’s QID when the user activates the license.

Difference between Product Key and License Key:

Product Key License Key
Buy from IEI QNAP Software Store (online)
Bundled with QID No Yes
Payment Depend on IEI Online via credit card
License Activation Online Online

Activation Methods

Activation Method Description
Using a product key Online activation
Licenses purchased from IEI sales must be activated through the 25 character product key.
For license activation instructions, see Section 9.3.2
Using a license key Online activation
You can generate the 25 character license key after purchasing licenses through the QNAP Software Store. For details, see Generating a License Key.
For license activation instructions, see Section Section 9.3.3
Using QNAP ID (QID) Online activation
Licenses purchased through QNAP Software Store are stored in your QNAP ID account. They can be accessed through both License Center and the QNAP License Manager website.
For license activation instructions, see Section 9.3.4
Offline Offline activation
Use this method when connecting the IRM mini server to the internet may not be feasible or advisable in certain industrial settings. Offline activation is more complicated and involves more steps. See Activating a License Offline for step by step instruction.