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IEI Remote Management

License Portals and Utility

IEI and QNAP (initially an IEI subsidiary) form a dynamic alliance to offer the iRM solution. QNAP’s secure platforms is utilized for license management of IEI IRM. These QNAP’s license platforms are as the followings:

Portal Description
License Center The License Center is an app in the IRM Mini Server, serving as a proxy of the License Manager for monitoring and managing IRM license.
License Manager https://license.qnap.com The License Manager is a web site hosted by QNAP. It allows you to remotely activate and manage licenses under your QNAP ID.
QNAP Software Store https://software.qnap.com/ The QNAP Software Store is a one stop shop where you can purchase software licenses such as IRM.
QNAP Account / QNAP ID (QID) https://account.qnap.com The QNAP Account is a portal that lets you manage your QNAP ID and access the Cloud SSO function for various QNAP Cloud Services and devices.
QNAP ID (QID) is a unique identifier for end users that allows them to manage their cloud services and devices through QNAP Account. End users can create their own QID using their email address.