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IEI Remote Management

Historic Data Log

IRM provides historical data obtained by a specific sensor type of a specific device over a specific time frame. For example, a user can select a device, set the period as one day or one week, select the sensor type as CPU usage, then IRM will present the CPU Utilization as a line chart. This feature is useful for analyzing the values of different sensor types over a specific time frame in order to take actions for improvement.

To display the historical data as a line chart in IRM, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Click the “Search Device” button.

Step 2:

Select the target device (required).

Step 3:

Select Metric Name (required).

Step 4:

Select the Period (required).

Step 5:

Click “Apply” button to complete the operation.

The line chart for a specific device is shown below.

IRM provides Log Retention Settings feature, which can be set for periodic viewing. The default Historic Data Log retention period is 1 week. Logs older than one week will be deleted by the system. Users can adjust the length of period according to their needs. See Application Settings.