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IEI Remote Management

Alerts Log

IRM Alerts Log page displays alerts for all Windows or Linux devices. Users need to select IRM Alerts from the Add Alert page and add one of the four types: CPU usage, memory usage, power status, or disk usage. Once an event occurs, you will be able to view the details of the alert on this page after the event has lasted for 5 minutes.

The basic steps are:

Step 1:

Select IRM Alerts Log in the Logs page.

Step 2:

View the alert info, including the Hostname, IP address, Device Tag, On Time and Off Time, etc.

Step 3:

View the current number of alerts.

Step 4:

Click the "Refresh" button at any time to get the latest alert message.

The Alerts Log has advanced search features:

Step 1:

Click the "Search Device" button on the Alerts Log page

Step 2:

Click Select Device and select a device (can only select one).

Step 3:

Click the "Apply" button to search for all alerts on the target device.

IRM provides Log Retention Settings feature, which can be set for periodic viewing. The default alert log retention period is 1 week. Logs older than one week will be deleted by the system. Users can adjust the length of period according to their needs. See Application Settings.